Gretl - Pooled Time Series Cross Sectional Data

I've been working on a multiple regression analysis on bank failures using a probit model. I am currently using cross sectional data but I would like to use time series data in order to use historical data and increase the sample size. I am unsure of how to do this using the Gretl interface.

Does anyone who is familiar with Gretl know how to import time series or panel data? I am unsure how to set up the data file. Even the user's manual shows an example of time series data and then footnotes that the data would have to be modified before Gretl will be able to read the file.

Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!


Probably A Mammal
Do you want cross-sectional data over time or a time series? I would think the latter would be native to Gretl, considering the 't' stands for it!