Help! I'm so lost with this one!

I've tried to see if I can find examples of this question to help me, but I can't please help.

The top four teams in the Big West Hockey Leagues have just completed the first half of their season. Each team has played 20 games. The teams statistics are listed in the following table. Each team is awarded 3 points for a win, 2 points for an overtime tie, and 1 point for a tie in regulation, but a loss in overtime.

a) Use Matrices to model the team statistics and the point system. (Do I just use the entire matrix as the model...? 'Cause that's what I tried to use, originally, but one of my friends said it was wrong, and she's actually good at this stuff.)

b) Use Matrix multiplication to determine the points for each team. (How do you get the two different matrices out of the one? I tried to use the original table and the 3, 2, and 1 from the problem, but I highly doubt that that's what it is.)

c) Which team is in third place?
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