Help on how to post Qs

Hi all,

I just joined TS and need some pointers on how to post a question. I don't have any burning issues right now, but would like to know how to post any issues I might have in the future to the appropriate channel. When I bring up the home page to this site, I do not find a list of all groups TS has. If, for example, I wanted to post a question to the Bayesian Inference group (not right now listed there), where should I go to start? Do I need to join the group prior to posting questions? If you have a link explaining this or would like to quickly show me how, I'd appreciate it a lot. Thanks and have a great day.


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It would be most appropriate to just start a thread in a relevant board on the forum. Something on bayesian inference could go under "statistics" or "statistical research" or possibly even "biostatistics". It doesn't matter too much and if you choose a board that doesn't make sense a mod will probably move the thread for you.

Just click the link to one of the boards and then there should be a button near the upper left that says "+ Post a new thread". Click that and then you're on your way.

If you want some guidelines on how to format your posts suggest checking out this thread for some guidelines on smart posting behavior that can help you get answers that are better much more quickly.


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Meh - the group functionality isn't all that great. I should probably ask quark if that can be improved but in my opinion it's harder to view any new posts in threads that are for groups instead of on the forum at large. The responses tend to be few and far between for this reason in the group threads. At least this is the trend that I've noticed.