Help on Ratio

Can anyone help me?

For example, I have a store, 4 people bought iPhones and each buyer bought accessories too.

Buyer#1: 1 iPhone, 4 accessories
Buyer#2: 2 iPhone, 6 accessories
Buyer#3: 2 iPhone, 4 accessories
Buyer#4: 4 iPhone, 9 accessories

What is correct:
1. The Ratio of accessories per iPhone is 2.56
I took the sum of iPhones (9) and sum of accessories (23) and divide it.
2. The Ratio of accessories per iPhone is 2.81
I divide the accessories over the iPhone and then get the average.

This sounds elementary, but your help is greatly appreciated.


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I don't think there should be one "correct" answer. You've produced two separate ratios that would each answer a different question you might pose. What is it you're asking exactly?