help w/ anova test selection & factors (groups)

Hello there. Stats noob here I'm an IT major so apparently stays is required for me. I have an assignment here and one of the questions is really tripping me up and I'm about to just bag it.

help with repeated measures anova?
"Moore Kennedy Furlonger & Evers (1999) used the 60 item Bem Sex Role Inventory to classify 100 men & 100 women into 4 sex role categories: a) masculine (high masculine, low feminine) b)feminine (low masculine, high feminine) c) androgynous (high masculine, high feminine) & undifferentiated (low masculine high feminine). The results are shown below. There was a significant relationship between gender & sex role. X(3, N=200) =44.75 p<.0001 eta squared =.473

Male 29
Female 24

Male 42
Female 8

Male 8
Female 38

Male 21
Female 30

Male 100
Female 100

To articulate this finding, conduct a follow up test to determine whether there is a significant relationship between gender and sex role when sex roles are coded as "same sex"or "not same sex" Report the results in APA format and state your conclusion based on your finding. Please make sure to test for both statistical & practical significance. Hint: you need to reorganize the data by collapsing the categories to fit the new sex role categories - in the end you'll have a 2x2 table."

I understand the concept of ANOVA. Mostly. Idea for this would be a 2 factor repeated measured ANOVA? What I don't understand is how I'm supposed to "collapse the categories to fit the new sex role categories."

I think this is the part that is confusing me. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Assuming the new 2x2 should looks something like this?
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Same Sex

Not same-sex