Help with bootstrapping

Thanks in advance!

I was never taught bootstrapping in my Research Methods of Political Science class, so when I was messing around with SPSS today, I saw it and it intrigued me. I read all about it, but I can't seem to make it work at all. I tried to bootstrap in linear regression and with only one variable in Descriptive Statistics/Frequencies, but no matter how many values the variable/s have, I keep getting this message: "Command: FREQUENCIES
No bootstrap because noninteger weights...". I tried ordinal, interval (like age) and nominal variables, and nothing. I tried in NES2008 (National Election Survey), GSS2008 (General Social Survey) and several others. What am I doing wrong? Oh, and I still have my textbooks, but they don't mention bootstrapping at all from what I've found. I've also watched like 3 videos and followed other tutorials, but I did not find which type of variable will actually work.

Thanks again.
Hi Sarah,

Not that I really know much about stats but I am working on boostrapping right now and if you get Field's book, you will see that he goes into a bit of detail about it. You need to ensure that you completely deselect everything on the SAVE tab, otherwise BS won't run. Field is an excellent resource if you can get your hands on one. Good luck!