Help with Statistical distributions


I have the following doubt, I hope you can help me, I really appreciate it

- I have a population of 500 businesses
- A sample of the businesses with the highest sales (200 businesses)
- Each business can sell many products, but I would like to know the behavior of only one group or type of products that shares similar characteristics (60 products) in each of the 12 months of the year
- I know the demand for each product in each month of the year in each business.

Example: product 1 in business 1 ....

January: 10 units
February: 20 units
March: 40 units
April: 50 units
May: 80 units
June: 100 units
July: 50 units
August: 90 units
September: 60 units
October: 70 units
November: 50 units
December: 80 units

How can I make a characterization of the behavior of these products? Or in other words, to know how the demand in this type of products behaves? Or its statistical distribution

I have this doubt, because I know that each of the products can have a different behavior in each of the businesses, the products have a similar behavior, but it would be very difficult and long to find a probability distribution of each product in each business, serian 200x60 distributions ...

I appreciate your answers

Thanks so much for reading


TS Contributor
I would do a cluster analysis of the businesses first, based on the 12 sales data points for each. Maybe, there are some discernible patterns there. If there isn't any then you could trest all 60 as a group, if there is then the clusters could define your different groups.

If this works then you could analyse the aberage behaviour per group, so instead of 60x200 you might end up with n bariables where n is the number of clusters.

I hope this helps a bit