HLM Advice


I am looking at some data on what predicts exam results (outcome variable). I have 2 level 1 predictors (IVs) which are socioeconomic status and IQ, plus group level predictors as well. Having run the regression model (just with the level 1 predictors included for now) in HLM, I am not sure how to ascertain the relative strengths of these level 1 predictors. They are both significant.

The deviance value tells me how much improved this model is compared to the null model. So I was considering running two separate models, (one with just 1 of the IVs in and another with both) and then comparing the reduction in deviance from (1.) the null model to the model with just one of the predictors included with (2.) the null model to the model with both level 1 predictors included?

Is there a better way to do this?