How can I find tendencies in specific cases between two groups?

So, I'm doing this project where we are investigating whether social networks can influence peoples distinctiveness. Briefly summarized, we have primed a group with a social media and another is the control group. Afterwards, they were given a questionnarie where they have 1. Written 12 identity elements 2. Rated these elements on how central they are to their identity on a likert-scale from 1-7 where seven is very central to their identity (this scale is used throughout) 3. Rated these elements on how a) different they make them b) how it constitutes a special social role and c) how seperated these elements make them. We are not using the words further, just their ratings.

So far so good.

So, we have alot of variables in our database

1: Age
2: Sex
3: Priming or control-group
4: Centrality of the elements (is the mean of 2 questions about the centrality asked in different ways) (12 variables)
5: How different it makes them (12 variables)
6. How "roly" it makes them (12 variables)
7: How seperated it makes them (12 variables)

So, the way i have tackles this so far:
Found the mean of centrality for each element, multiplied it by variable 5-6-7 (look up) casewise and squarerooted the number (gives a 1-7 number). Then the mean of these three new variables (CentralityXDifference, CentralityXRole, CentralityXSeperateness) gives us a number of "Total distinctiveness". Unfortunately these means doesnt differ depending on priming or controlgroup, but that's okay. We can probably argue why.

Here comes some questions

1. What do i do if I want to check for tendencies that the priming or controlgroup accordingly have high scores in variable 5-6-7 when they have high in variable 4; Do the priming group tend to rate elements of high centrality as highly distinctive? I cannot figure out a way to do this in a smart way, so if you have an idea i'll be grateful.
2. Have I done something wrong the way i've done it already, or are there room for improvement in my method?