how can i use excel to solve some Statistics problems ,,,

hi all ,,,

am looking here for help. to know how to solve some stat problem with excel could someone help me please ,,,, :shakehead

well the things I want to know are.


A data set was gathered from 500 households (you can get an excel spreadsheet data file “dataset.xls” from the cce-share drive). The data consists of the monthly income (MI), monthly food expenditure (MFE), the highest level of education in the household (HLE) , the family size (FS), and the gender of the head of the family household (G).

1.From this population of 500 households, select a simple random sample of 50 households (Use the program embedded in the data file to help you select the sample).

2.Develop bar charts of HLE and frequency, G and frequency,

3.Plot the 50 sample points of MI and MFE values that you obtained in 1 on a scatter diagram. (Plot MI values along the X-axis and MFE values along the Y-axis - does this seem a reasonable suggestion? Why?)

4.Draw a scatter diagram of the sample points relating the FS and MFE values. What conclusion you make of the result?

5.Determine the range, median, mode, mean, standard deviation, variance, Q1, Q3, IQR.

6.Determine the values of rxy from the 50 pairs of MI and MFE values.

7.Calculate all the measures of location and dispersion of the sample of MFE, FS and MI values.

8.Using the estimates of the sample mean and standard deviation obtained in 7 above develop a 90% confidence interval estimate for the mean of the population of MFE, FS and MI values. State any assumptions used.

9.What is the probability of finding more than 3 females as head of house holds in a sample of 20?


can someone tell me the Formulas that i can use for each problem ,,

i attached my sample after doing part "1" of the question ,,,

Well our teacher asked us to solve it with excel ,,, because the sample is a litle bit high ,,, so please can someone help me here ,,, :wave:
You probably won't get many responses yet because you haven't shown the effort to figure out excel. There is a function option that allows you to do many statistics. Maybe you can google it if you can't figure it out.
how to show effort on excel if i don't know the right function for each ,,,

i only know that for " frequency " i can use " = Count " and take the range ,,,

well i will google for some function ,,,,

thx ya