How to create 1 (continuous) variable by using two (continuous) variables (and ignore the missing) in SPSS?

Hi there,
I am currently busy with my master thesis and I have the following question.
I want to create a variable called applicant credential (appl_credent), by combining the following two variables: western applicant credential and nonwestern applicant credential.
a participant either has a value for western applicant credential or for non-western applicant. Never for both at the same time!
Which means that if a participant has for example a value of 3.25 for western applicant credential, the value is "." (e.g. missing) for the non-western applicant credential. (see my attachment)
Now I am trying to create 1 variable called applicant credential and combine the two variables into one without losing data.
I just can't seem to find out how I have to do this. Thanks for your help!



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Thanks I fixed it ! :)

I did the following:

compute appl_credent = Wes_appl_credent .
if sysmis(Wes_appl_credent) appl_credent = NonWes_appl_credent .