how to measure change in performance ? Using regression model ? HELP

Hi everyone,

I have to measure the difference of the performance of firms before and after an event.

Let's say the performance at (event - 1year) is 10%, and perf at (event +1y) is 12%, then the delta is +2%.

However, here, we solely measured the difference.

Hence what kind of model could we use to measure if this impact is significant statistically ?

I thought of creating a regression like:

perf t+1 = constant + B1*perf t-1 + B2*other factors.

Do you guys think this approach is correct ? The impact of the event would be measured in the constant as well as in the other control variables no ?

More, how would we interpret the results ? if B1 is like 0.6, does it mean that for each percentage of perf at t-1, the perf at t+a raises by 0.6% ?

I would really appreciate your inputs guys!

Thanks in advance, and have a nice Sunday !