How to move a SAS dataset with formats (stored in a sas7bcat library) to Stata ??

How can I move a SAS dataset (all numeric variables) with formats (manually defined for 470 variables and saved within a SAS library file) to Stata ?? SAS Institute sent me this super-complex program called the "Autoformatter" and it just doesn't work. Even my trusty Stat/Transfer won't do it even after specifying the SAS library in its options section. HELP! Thanks!



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Guessing your already tried lots of things. Have you tried exporting it to Excel then into STATA?
No, it is too large for Excel and I do not want to keep moving these data around too much. I will need to do this often as I am a SAS data manager/programmer and our new statistical programmer works within Stata. Thanks!


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I know what you mean about data being too big for excel. I have never imported from SAS to STATA, so I won't be much of a help, if you don't want to use a intermediary step, perhaps NotePad. Obviously there has to be an option or way to perform this. Good luck.