How to present transformed data that shows individual data points

Hello! This is my first post and I'm hoping to get some help on how to work with transformed data for a research publication I am writing up.

Basically what we did was monitor the levels of a particular protein after traumatic brain injury. Our sample sizes were originally about 25 but due to patients not following up on all timepoints we are now reduced to about 18 in experimental, and 9 for controls.

So to fit the requirements for normality I used a logarithmic transformation, and the data proved to be log normal after testing with shapiro wilks tests and also measuring skew(as expected since it was right skewed initially). I want to run T-tests on the transformed data and would prefer not to do non-parametric testing.

My question is when presenting this data would I show the raw untransformed data, and then a table with the transformed means and statistics stating that the significance was found after transformation to meet normality? The other problem is that this data is best demonstrated by showing individual data points in the exp and control groups over the three timepoints. My understanding is that you cannot back transform individual points, but must back transform the mean. How could this be accomplished?