How to show frequency data in analysis using Spearman's Rank?


I am interested in finding out if there is any correlation between the the values that people ascribe to certain green spaces and the land cover type. (E.g Do people feel closer to nature in areas with water?).

In my study I have a map of my study area and people can place up to three stickers for each category of value on different green spaces. I tried to run an analysis using Spearman's Rank and had the types of the green spaces going vertically and the frequency of values assigned to them (I.e. How may stickers for a particular value were placed) going horizontal for the 13 values. Everything came out as highly significant.

Somebody mentioned that I need to display the frequency as a ratio - would this be the ratio between the number of stickers overall placed for a certain value: the number of stickers for this value placed on a certain greenspace? E.g Out of 800 stickers placed over all, 70 were placed for 'closeness to nature'. Then out of this 7 of these 'closeness to nature' stickers were placed on the local forest. So 70:7 - in my table in SPSS in the column for 'closeness to nature' would I write this as 10%?

Thank you :)
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