Interpretation Fisher exact test [statistics]

Can you help me interpret the output of the fisher exact test?


Fisher exact test = 0.037
Question: How significant is the fisher exact test result of 0.037?
The hypothesis would be: Medication A can lead to illness Z, because of p = 0.037?
Odds ratio would be 6.327, is that as well significant?


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Both are based on your a priori stated alpha level. What was your stated level of significance?

If the p value is below your level of significance, than your confidence intervals on the odds ratio will also exclude the null value.
0.05 is alpha. So 0.037 is below, so that value is significant? I am just unsure because of Medication A Parameters YES there are just 5 and 3 values.. Is that enough to calculate a significant output of p?
What do you mean with "confidence intervals on the odds ratio will also exclude the null value"?
The 0 hypothesis is there is NO statistical correlation between Medication and illness if p > 0.05.
p = 0.037 tells, that there is a statistical correlation, right?

The Chi² (Pearson) gives the output of 0.009 (asymptotic significance (two-sided)). But i would use the fisher exakt test, because of the small values of 5 and 3, as the fisher exact test is reliable even with a small number of observations, right?
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