Interpreting a 3 level multilevel logistic regression model

I have searched a few and saw different types of table preparation for multilevel logistic regression analysis.
As a new thesis student, I am getting confused. Now, How can I create a table with multilevel logistic regression model with these 3 level variables?

Level 1: Participant level : child_age, breastfeeding, vita_a, vaccination, nutritious_food,
mom_age, education, workstatus, hus_edu

Level 2: Household level : wealthindex, med_exposure, toilet_fac, fam_membrs, dec_childcare, dec_momcare

Level 3: Community level : residence, division

Dependent variable is 'abcd_ef'.

I have gotten adjusted odds ratio, p value and 95% CI. used gllamm command in stata.

Thank you in advance.