Interpreting Mixed Effect Logistic Regressions with Interaction Effects


I need to interpret mixed effect logistic regressions, but I do not quite understand how I can go about doing this when an interaction effect is involved. My main aims involve determining whether metabolic syndrome is associated with decreased mental health-related QoL (low MCS) over time (i.e., this is a longitudinal analysis). The grouping variable is participant ID and the number of visits per participant ranges from 1 to 8 visits. These regressions are stratified by sex and I'm only including the interaction effect of metabolic syndrome and age for males since they are the only ones who show a significant interaction effect. I am including the stata outputs of the full regression models for both males and females. If anyone could provide feedback or resources that would help me to interpret these regressions, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

mixed effect_males.png

mixed effect_females.png