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Hey guys.

A while ago I posted about invites to google+. Today I bring a different site that I have invitations for!

I have 10 invitations for fitocracy. It's a pretty cool site that essentially turns exercising into a game/RPG with leveling up and what not. It's an interesting idea. It's only in beta and still needs a little bit of polish but it's pretty sweet. If you're interested send me a PM and I'll give you the invite code to get signed up.

I figured we could use this thread to either just spread the word about interesting sites or if you need an invite to a site and you've got some to share you can post that here!


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Hey! I also just got into Music Beta
which is a really cool online place to store your music provided by google. If you have an android phone it's even nicer (I don't so I don't get to experience that feature) but you can upload up to 20,000 songs (more than enough for almost everybody) and they have a whole bunch of free songs they offer to you as well. I like the idea of having my music collection available to me online. It's still in the invite stage and they don't give as many invites as fitocracy.

I've only got 4 and I already know 2 people that want some so I only have 2 that I can actually give away. If you're interested PM me with your email address and let me know you want an invite.