Is cronbach alpha applicable ?

Recently, I'm doing a pilot study for my questionnaires however I got 0.05 for my cronbach alpha.
My questionnaires consist of two part :
1. Demographical parts ( also include things like likert scale)
2. BDI inventory ( Beck Depression Inventory)

The problem is the result of SPSS told me that the value is negative due to a negative avaerage covariance between the item.
So I thinking of is the problem occur because I used two different type of likert scales in my questionnaires ?
I use 5 point likert scale to measure how frequent my respondents go to social activities and 9 point likert scale to measure their satisfaction towards life and academic performance.


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Have you checked for reverse coding in some of the questions? For example, if high scores on most questions indicate depression, then question "Can you pull yourself together and cope with your inner problems when there is need to deliver at work?" would be reverse coded if 1 means "strongly disagree" and 5 means "strongly agree".
i have done reverse coding on some questions but the results still the same and I even make the likert scale same items as the scale in BDI which is 6 items each.
In my questionnaire ,
items like frequency going for counselling service, participation in faculty bonding activities and frequency going for motivation talks is measure using this scale ( 1=never, 2= very rarely, 3=rarely, 4=occasionally, 5=frequently, 6= very frequent)
items like statisfaction towards academic performance and satisfaction towards life ( 1= dissatisfied, 2 =neutral, 3= slightly satisfied, 4=moderately satisfied, 5= very satisfied, 6= extremely satisfied)
scale for depression are ( 1= normal, 2=mild mood disturbance, 3=borderline depression, 4=moderate depression, 5=severe depression, 6=extreme depression)

so far i recode items i stated just now. I also uploaded my questionnaires in this section