Is this Experimental Design even possible? Help please!

Hello all,

First thank you in advance for any and all help given in response to this question. I've been searching this forum as well as other places online and I'm still confused about what methodology I should use in this experiment.

DESIGN: Participants are given two questionnaires measuring A & B (respectively) and then exposed to a stimulus. Following the stimulus participants are given questionnaire A again.

INTENT: The question I'd like to answer is what is the relationship between variable B and the change in variable A.

Or explained another way, if participants were given questionnaires measuring attitudes about race (A) and gender (B) and then given a stimulus. I'd like to see whether people who measured high in gender attitudes (B) were more or less likely to exhibit a change in racial attitudes (A)

QUESTION: Basically I'm utterly confused about which methodology to use. Or even if this is possible. I'm particularly curious as to whether I'd need to use a control group.

Thanks again


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maybe a simple way to answer to your question is to make the difference (B time2 - B time1) and to correlate this difference with A.
It seems to me that it answers your question.
Hope that it helps.