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yeah trinker but the laws of thermodynamics suggest that a closed system tends towards entropy (disorganization to some extent) and given how old the universe is that might no longer be possible. It is a question I think if the universe is stochastic or determanistic and ....


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Why did the topologists insist that their relationship had lasted "up to and including the point of the breakup"?
They wanted closure


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I decided to try my luck a few weeks ago and submitted some word jokes to 10 different competitions. I was talking with a friend the other day and they asked if I won any of the competitions. I had to answer honestly.

"No pun in ten did"
I am working through an authors discussion of time series regression [tough going]. But he redeemed himself in my eyes by this statement....

Serial correlation in a model with a lagged dependent variable is very very very bad.
Nothing like being technical.

Ok its probably only funny after a day reading time series....