Kendall’s Tau and SPSS

So, I am analysing a questionnaire using Kendall’s as its mainly ordinal data (and my stats prof told me too!!). It is an inductive questionnaire was no hypothesis

I have 15 questions…. I have a set of 5 demographic questions, and then want to see if there is correlation between each of these demographic questions on the other 11 questions. For example;
  • age vs confidence (Likert response).
  • Age vs awareness (Likert response).
  • Age vs biggest barriers (ranking)
  • Etc

First things first;
I assume I don’t really need to “care” so much about DV and IV’s as correlation is not looking for causality?

I assume I need to code all answers. For example, one question is asking; In total, “how long have you coached…?”, with the responses an ordinal category. I guess I code them 1-5?

Should I put all the data in one SPSS sheet… but should I only analyse 1 pair at a time? That would result in a lot of tests, but my stats prof says Type I errors are not an issue with exploratory data which does not have a hypothesis

Thanking you