Korrelation yes or no ?

Hello can you help me with the following question?

I have a stock market chart that goes up and down.

Furthermore, I have entry criteria available, which are marked by arrows.
Arrow down: market should go down
Arrow up: market should go up

The picture shows only a section, the market does not always move after the arrow appears in the direction of the arrow.

I can generate hundreds of such entries, i.e. the data sould be statistically relevant.

How do I find out, if my entry criteria and the subsequent market movement are correlated, or if it is pure coincidence that it sometimes
fits (in the example it always fits, if you look at larger sections, then not)?

Sometimes the movement correlates immediately, sometimes with delay, sometimes not.

My data file loos as follows:

Price : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,....
Arrows: N,N,N,U,N,D,...

U=arrow up @ price
D=arrow down @ price
N=no signal


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