Krippendorff KALPHA help!?

Hi, I'm currently undertaking a project which requires content analysis of US print press in order to explore whether international terror events are framed with a glocalized slant. I have defined a coding scheme and decoded my articles. I am using SPSS. However, whenever I run the command I get error 8607. My command is as follows (downloaded macro from Krippendorff and Haye's site);

/* KALPHA judges = CA CB CC CD CE CF CG/level = 1/detail = 1/boot = 0.

The error I get is -

>Error # 6807 in column 15. Text: judges
>The DEFINE command does not include parameter definitions within parentheses.
>The lack of any parameters must be indicated by a set of parentheses following
>the macro name.
>Execution of this command stops.

Any help woud be so so appreciated!!
Hi ChloeEdin,

Have you downloaded the menu shortcut from Hayes' site as well as the syntax? I was getting this message too until I downloaded and installed the shortcut. Then you should be able to go into the Descriptives menu, select Krippendorff's Alpha and use the dialogue box to run the analysis.

I've gotten this far, running the analysis but getting a different sort of error message! I haven't resolved this one yet.

Good luck,

Sophie G
Can anyone help with a different sort of error message related to the SPSS Krippendorff alpha macro? I have downloaded and installed the menu shortcut and am able to access the dialogue box via the Descriptives menu. When I move across the relevant variables and run the analysis, I get the following error message:

Run MATRIX procedure:

ERROR: Input Reliability Data Matrix Exhibits No Variation.

Examine output for SPSS errors and do not interpret if any are found

------ END MATRIX -----

I don't know what it means. Can anyone help?