Likert scale - Grouped likert scale results, are they significant?

Hi, it's my first post on here, and hoping somebody might be able to help as I'm a bit of a stats novice if I'm honest.

Basically, I'm looking at the degree of customer-based brand equity posessed by a company, so essentially I have adapted a model made up of 6 'building blocks' respresented by a total of 50 statements accompanied by likert scales, assessing peoples attitudes towards the organisation on a scale of 1-5, 1 being a negative rating, 5 being positive.

as I said, these are grouped in six groups to gain an overall view of the degree of brand equity of the company, but I need to find out (beacuse the means I have calulated appear to only show a very low, positive outcome, and I want to know how signigicant the positive outcome is?

I just need a little help finding out what test to run on the data?

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What do you mean here by saying significant?

In the statistical sense, it means how (im)probable your sampla data
are if the Null hypothesis (a precise statement about the true nature
of affairs, like: "in the population, groups A and B show the same
mean response", or "in the population, 50% of the respondents
are female" etc.) was true.

So, what is here the general statement to be tested?

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Kind regards