Logistic regression, interactions

I am having a nightmare and unfortunately my supervisors cannot figure this out either!

I have an equation from logistic regression, of which the equation includes an interaction variable (2 variables combined).

I need to produce a worked example, we can’t find out what happens to the baseline scores to make the interaction, within the equation.

In other words, I need to demonstrate what happens to the 2 baseline scores within the interaction, within the log regression equation.

We assumed it was variable*variable, but it is not.

Please can you help? I am due to submit my PhD and really can’t get to the bottom of this.


Ninja say what!?!
Ummm, I'm not sure what you're trying to get at here, but it sounds like you just want a description of an interaction in a logistic model (i.e. how to interpret them). Is that so?
Thanks so much for the reply.
Yes, I have an interaction within my log regression model (equation) I need to use the model to predict outcome for the next lot of patients. So I need to know what to do with their baseline scores (I cant use them as they are as they are an interaction.

Anxiety*control over pain
Anxiety is 10
Control over pain is 2

What do I need to do to 10 and 2 because the variables anxiety and control over pain are now an interaction (combined variable)?

I hope I make sense, if not please tell me.