measuring correlation over time between two variables


For my study, I will administer the same questionnaire 3 different times: the beginning, middle, and the end of the semester. I am interested in examining the correlation among several variables, let's say student engagement and teacher support.

For each questionnaire, I can do correlational analysis separately, and discuss it separately. For example, I can say, at the beginning of the semester, students low perceptions of teacher support was associated with low student engagement. Or, at the end of the semester, students perceive higher teacher support and showed higher engagement.

Or, should I do an overall correlational analysis (covering all data) and conclude that teacher support is correlated with student engagement.

I heard about Cross-lagged-panel correlation. Do you think this would be suitable for this study?

Also, may I call this study repeated measures correlational study or design?

Any help is appreciated!
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