Recently managed to get onto a stats MSc but finding the course very hard. Part of the problem is my educational background is chequered at best, with no substantial maths. This has led to some glaring holes in my knowledge. The institution i attend is geared towards self-directed study, so while i do get some support, i am finding it is not enough.

I was wondering if there is anyone on this site who would be so kind as to mentor me through the course. I realise it's a big ask and all i have to repay someone is gratitude and diligence, but i'm hoping someone likes this sort of challenge enough to volunteer. Thanks for reading.
MSc in applied statistics, 2 years part-time. First year is general, second year i will follow a 'medical applications' pathway plus some stochastic processes/models modules.


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The best option for you is to probably just post each of your individual questions on the forum and we can all attempt to address them.
Can do, but i have an aweful lot of questions, and many i fear will be trivial.

It would also be nice to actually have a master/apprentice relationship - i always thought that is what you get with university, i've been to 3 universities now and none have fostered such relationships. Maybe that's considered outdated?


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Maybe that's considered outdated?
i guess that's university-dependent because my PhD advisor is just like you described. you ask him a question, we go back and work out a solution and then compare answers. where his answers are 99% better than mine.

i do have to agree with hlsmith though... everyone who contributes here does it out of the goodness of their hearts and will to volunteer... and developing a master/apprentice relationship takes a lot of time... time that, most of us, don't have.

so maybe let us help you together so that different people may pick up where others leave you.
Just to throw out another option ... I've been using the liveperson stats help. You have to pay per minute, which isn't great. But the guy is always online and knows his stuff!

Except today he isn't ... hence my return to the forum ha ha


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Mentoring can be great. But do keep in mind that asking someone for help is only the best way to figure out a small subset of questions. A lot of the time, there are much better sources of information available (books, journal articles, google, attacking the problem independently). Learning how to solve problems independently - and only asking for help when you're really stuck - will probably work out better in the long run (and save you from shelling out cash to some online tutor!)

When you do get stuck, write out a clear detailed description of the problem: Guidelines for this forum here:


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You mean we don't get paid by the minute here. I have been waiting for a big check from Quark. The goodness of our what now...