Merge individual clustered bar charts as a single chart?

I've been trying to create a specific bar chart by using Statistica 12.5 and Excel 2016, no luck however. I want to place my ecological parameters on the X-axis and numerical values (0 to 12) on the Y-axis. Additionally, at the same time I would like each parameter on the X-axis to have its corresponding numerical values (0 to 12) clustered according to the count value. Basically, something like in the sketch below: all individual bar charts should be grouped together on a single chart and X-axis should be eco. parameters, not count values.

Wow, I remember how my friends and I made detailed charts, just about the economy, and I can say that we also had big problems with this. This was back when I was trading with my friends. I remember how we followed each company, how the shares fell and how they grew, and I can say that after a year of training, we began to earn good money. I already run my own business, and I like everything, but I went to this for a very long time. Not everyone could, I think. In general, trading is a tricky thing. You need to watch many videos on YouTube, read various articles about it, and study economics and do it for a very long time.

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