Misbehaving variable in AMOS

Hi everyone!

I'm currently doing random-intercept cross lagged panel modeling in AMOS. It's good fun...except....one of my variables is misbehaving. This is what happens with this variable: I click on calculate estimates, and it runs the model, but I can't click on the SECOND button (with the red arrow pointing upwards) in the top middle panel which shows the standardized estimates or regression coefficients.

But then what's even stranger is that I CAN view the text output and see the estimates there.

This makes me a little uncomfortable. With all of my other variables, the model runs fine and I can click on the "red arrow button" to view path diagram with standardized estimates. But not with this particular variable.

I thought it might be corrupted so examined it in SPSS, but it seems fine.

Does anyone have any ideas of why this might be happening??

Muchas gracias!! :)