mixed model anova with nested design

Hi, I need help in syntax for my current study.
I am not familier that much with spss especially with syntax.

Ok, this is my case.
I am doing Generalizability Theory analysis using soft EduG. And one of the tabel produced is anova (attached a picture of it)
It is a result of student assesment in 4 departments. Each department asses students in 5 different test (called station).
The test date is 2 dates (called circuit).
later on when data complete, the circuit become 6... but this we can ignore it in this case.

the stations are nested in departments.
and the student nested in circuits (since in G Theory we need to see the probability of error for each circuit...long story for G theory)

stations, students, and departments are random
circuit is fixed.

Now, come to my main question, how do i performe this in spss ?
I know how to make just the simple of a nested anova. by changing /DESIGN factor_1*factor_2 into /DESIGN factor_1(factor_2).
but that is simple data set for my practice.
When I tried to figure it out with my data in spss. I confused.
I can do mixed model anova with the syntax:

GLM T1 T2 T3 T1_A T2_A T3_AScore_01 Score_02 Score_03 Score_04 Score_05 Score_01_A Score_02_A Score_03_A Score_04_A BY sesi
/WSFACTOR=department 2 Polynomial test 3 Polynomial
/WSDESIGN=department test department*test

looking at this syntax, I am lost.
how do I should actually I recreate an anova analysis with nested in spss ? just like I got the result from EduG ?

I am using Windows XP with SPSS 21. running in virtual box in ubuntu.

Thanks. Hope someone could help me with this.
My appologize of my english, hopefully it is not confusing for the reader.