mlogit from STATA to R

I know R fairly well but have very little experience with STATA. I am trying to convert the below mlogit command so it is usable in R. Can anyone help me?

mlogit conflict lc1 lc2 ltsc0 ltsc1 ltsc2 loi loic1 loic2 lois0 let letc1 letc2 lets0 lli limc1 limc2 lims0 lyo lyoc1 lyoc2 lyos0 llpo lpoc1 lpoc2 lpos0 led ledc1 ledc2 leds0 llin ledn lyon lnc1 lnc1c1 lnc1c2 lnc1ts0 r4 r6 r7 if year >= 1970 & year <= 2009,baseoutcome(0) cons(107/110 115/120 145/156 99/100)