MS Statistics: Would I get accepted without research?

I am interested in going to grad school for Statistics but I am
concerned that I would not be accepted. I am interested in a Phd
because I would ideally want to teach and do research, but my
statistics experience is minimal so I think getting an MS first is a
better option for me. I am wondering however if I could even get
accepted to a MS Statistics program. Here is why.

I graduated from a tier 2 state university in 2009 with a degree in
Economics, minor in Finance, GPA of 3.64. Throughout college I was
sure I wanted to go into the private sector in finance thus I didn’t
take too many advanced statistics or math courses, focusing rather on
accounting, finance, and economics courses. My final semester I took
undergraduate econometrics and a intermediate statistics course both
of which I excelled in both (A’s) and found them very interesting. Up
until this point however I found most of my other coursework rather
boring and thought that other than maybe an MBA I never wanted to
return to school. Because of this I did not obtain any letters of
recommendation nor did I complete any research.

Since graduation 2.5 years ago I have worked in both supply chain
roles and finance roles and been fairly miserable. I am working on
taking advanced calc and linear algebra online to bring my math
requirements up and I believe I can do well on my GRE. I can get LOR
from bosses and maybe some from my old professors but my concern is
that poor recommendations/non academic recommendations in addition to
no research experience may make my admittance to a mid tier MS program
(Ohio State) impossible. Should I be concerned? Any thoughts on what
I should do. Also if I get into an MS Stat program, will I be able to
gain the proper requirements to get into a Phd program?


No cake for spunky
My PHD was not in statistics, but I doubt very much research (meaning publications) is required for admission to a PHD program in statistics. Most doctoral students have only limited publications by the time they get their PHD let alone admission (and then generally with their supervisoring professor).

You could always call the graduate administrative assistant for the program and ask how if it was usual to have publications upon admission. They know everything....:)