Multiple Regression

I have been given a college assignment and need to interpret these results (see attached).

From what I can understand, the Annual Personal Outcome is the DV and there are several IVs (i.e gender, sexual orientation etc.). As such, has a multiple linear regression been conducted here?
I'm struggling to understand why some of the IVs are dichotomous (gender: male/female) and some are singular (bisexual).

Sex: Female (ref.: Male) -5,068.737***
Does this mean that females earn less than males and this prediction is significant?

Thanks in advance for any help, I realise I am probably not making much sense...



TS Contributor
some are singular (bisexual).
Not quite. Sexual orientation has 3 levels (hetero, homo, bi). A categorical variable wit k levels
is usually entered as k-1 dummy variables in a regression. One level is left out since it would be
redundant. It serves as reference level (here: heterosexual). Accordingly, "religion" has also three

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