multivariate logistic regression


I need to perform multivariate logistic regression on 3 binary variables.
My independent variables are also categorical (3-10 levels) plus 1 continuous variable.

How can i do this on SAS? I cant' find a procedure that works.

Any ideas?
I use enterprise guide so I dont know which Proc SAS is using for that, but it will certaintly handle what you suggest. You can use a CLASS statment for your categorical IV, or you can create dummies for them. One point to consider is that a categorical variable having 10 levels if they are ordinal in nature might be better treated as a continuous variable not a categorical one.

In this case I have a DV, a continuous IV (ivcon) and a categorical variable that I have coded into 2 dummies (I prefer this because it gives me more control of analysing the data, alternately you can use the CLASS statement for the categorical data and let SAS do the work for you).

This should work although it comes from a set of code within EG so I am not sure.

MODEL DV (Event = '0')=ivcon DU1 Du2 /