Need a way to rank the products from data

Hi All.

I have a set of data for different products. I want to grade the products from 1 to 4. With 4 being the best. Please tell me how to do it?

For the data below: 0 means best product and 8.95 means worst product.

Product A = 8.95 from Manufacture A
Product A= 0 from Manufacture B
Product A=6.8 from Manufacture C
Product A=5.8 from Manufacture D

Product B = 8.8 from Manufacture A
Product B= 0 from Manufacture B
Product B=6.8 from Manufacture C
Product B=5.8 from Manufacture D

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It's hard to give you much guidance without knowing what program your using. Having said that the first thing you need to do is get this data into three columns (variables): Product, Score, Manufacture. Then sort by Product (ascending) and then Score (ascending), then in a with a new variable (column) rank the scores from 1 to 4. Again, without knowing the software your using it's hard to give you much more guidance than this, but with this plan and your software's help you should be able to take it from here.

Dear Mike

Thanks for the reply.

Actually I am not using any software. It is mostly manual calculations in excel. I am just looking for a logical way to represent the data into something meaningful.

One way I thought could be that for example for product A. Since minimum is 0 and max is 8.95. I can divide the difference by 4 and then I can rank them accordingly, 8.95 will be 1 and 0 will be 4. And others in between (all others will be grade 2)

Excel is a software package, so you're good. You should be able to follow the guidance I provided above. Create three columns in your excel spreadsheet, possibly in a different order than you presented above. Maybe, Column A is Manufacturer, Column B is Product, and Column three is Score. Use custom sort and sort by the three columns all ascending (Manuf, Product, Score). Excel does have a rank function, but its been a while since I've used it, so check help. Once you've written the rank function then just drag the rank formula down. If you're proficient in Visual Basic you could program these commands/functions, otherwise just drag your rank column.