Need help calculating some values to be used in a cost/risk analysis


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I am needing some help calculating the possible profits I can make for producing certain amounts of 2 different products each month. (Modifying a basic jon boat and reselling it). The information I want to obtain is a little too advanced of math for me (I have only had basic algebra in high school).

Also, I am trying to do this on excel, so if you can help me out or produce a solution could you show me how to make the formula for excel? sorry to ask so much

I'll describe what I want to know below:

I have two products "x" and "y" that I can produce. Every Month I can produce between 3 and 8 "x's" and "y's" in various combinations.

Say I produce 3 this month (also want to know 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 a month also). I can either have: 3x , 2x and 1y, 1x and 2y, or 3y (and so on and so on for the different ones I can produce, like 4 factorial (i think?) 5 factorial ect. hope that makes sense)

I want to know how to calculate profit I will make by producing the different possibilities of "x" and y" each month for selling them for a profit listed below.

I can sell one of my products for one of these prices: 1200, 1500, 1750,2000,2250,2500 depending on quality of modification (ignore costs to produce and obtain materials just want to know profit. ( if that makes sense). Also I can resell the same product within the month so I have no products left over.)

So I can sell an x for one of the profits for y for one of the profits above.

I want to know the possibility of each and every combination of "x"s and "y"s that can happen and the number it produces. I know what to do with the numbers from there, I just can't figure out how to obtain these values.

Hope you all can assist.