Need Help Choosing a Textbook

I'm looking for a textbook/book to let me self-study regression analysis.

Some background: I have a research psych background academically (I've done many means-tests, chi-squareds, pearson's r, but always with random subjects/experiments) so I'm not totally new to the material, but I'm currently working in policy and I've gained access to some really cool data sets that it'd be valuable for me to be able to analyze with multi-variate regression.

I bought "Applied Multiple Regression/Correlation Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences" after seeing it recommended on Amazon, and I appreciate how approachable it is mathematically, but it still relies a lot on making algebraic transformations to formulas to sort of build its way through a topic. Frankly, I have a lifetime license to STATA from my days studying statistics collegiately, and all of my work/analysis will be through that program. So I'm looking for recommendations on a book that'd equip me with the big picture dynamics that'd help me understand regression analysis conceptually without requiring a huge investment of time and energy to retain/understand formulas (I'm not working in research and know myself well enough to know that I won't have an opportunity to reinforce the formulas/nuts&bolts sufficiently to retain them).