Need help with SPSS20 - to add points for each question and how to enter multiple ans


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I am working on my undergraduate project and struggling with SPSS 20. If some person could have a quick look at what I have done so far, I would be soo grateful.

And I also like to know I got 30 question out of which 23 questions have strongly agree(5 points) to strongly disagree(1 point) so how to add them up for all 23 question for 1 person.
And also got some question with multiple choice answer in which a person can choose more than 1 answer
like site I frequently use:Facebokk,yahoo,google,e-bay,youtube
the person chooses more than 1,so how do I enter that for 1 person..

Thank you
I have attached a copy of what i have done(its not getting attached-upload error) and the copy of questionnaire