Need some help with multiple regression

Hi guys.

For my project i need to to a regression with a bunch of data I've gathered. I have 7 variables and i did the regression in excel and got the ANOVA and everything. But i don't know how to plot all of these in one graph. Note that 5 of my variables are dummy variables and can only take on 1 or 0 as values. Basically how do i plot:

y = b0 + b1x1 + b2x2 + .... +b7x7

in excel on one 2d graph, if its even possible?
If anyone knows how to do this in any other software such as R, its acceptable as well.


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Are you asking how to plot your seven dimensional data in one plot or how to plot the predicted lines in one plot?

Edit: Please only post a thread once. I deleted the other thread since this seems to be the more appropriate place for the question.
i want to plot the seven dimensional data. Basically i want one line through my points if thats even possible.
I dont want all the predicted lines in one plot, but i don't know which is more appropriate for this though.


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Some indication of the type of data you have would be useful - meaning, what is your discipline and what are you looking at. I for one would be able to provide a more meaningful answer, if I knew what you were doing!:D
Well i didnt think it was important lol, I just need to know the method of how to do this in excel and I'm set. Basically for my project I'm trying to model box office revenue as a function of 7 different variables. I have the coefficients of all those variables, all i need to know now is how to plot that equation up there in the first post in one graph.
Oh and 5 of the variables are dummy variables.