Negative Binomial Regression in R

Hi all,

I am fairly new to the R world. I need some help with correct syntax for running a negative binomial regression/zero-inflation negative binomial regression on some data.

I am trying to run a regression that looks at how race/ethnicity influences the number of summer meal sites in a census tract.

I have parsed all the necessary data into one "MASTER.csv" file and the format is as follows:

Column headers: GEO ID - number of Summer Meal Sites - Census Tract Name - Total Population - White - Black - Indian - Asian - Other

So an example row would look like: 48001950100 - 4 - Census Tract 9501, Anderson County, Texas - 5477 - 4400 - 859 - 14 - 21 - 0

And so on, I have a total of 5266 rows each in the same format. Race/ethnicity is reported as a count of how many individuals in that certain census tract are of a respective race/ethnicity.

I am using a zero-inflation negative binomial model to account for the dependent variable being a "count", and therefore susceptible to skewed distributions.

My dependent variable is the number of summer meal sites in each census tract. (ex. in this case, the second column, 4).

My independent variable would be the race/ethnicities. Black, White etc.. I also need to set White as my omitted ( or reference) variable since I am running a regression on nominal variables.

How would I go about doing this? Would it look similar to the code posted below?


zeroinfl(formula = MASTER$num_summer_meal_sites ~ .| MASTER$White + MASTER$Black + MASTER$Other, data = "MASTER", dist = "negbin")
Would this do what I need? Also, I am unclear as to how I should set "White" as the reference/omitted variable.

Thank you for your patience and any help in this matter!

Best Regards,