Not sure about the type of statistics for my research

Hi, I am trying to find the right type of statistics for my research project. I am looking for a correlation between Pathological Gambling and Personality Disorders (those in Cluster B, there is four of them). The sample I am studying consists of 94 subject, 47 pathological gamblers, and 47 non-pathological gamblers (but at a high risk of building it). I would like to measure the relationship between the severity of the gambling traits (pathological and non-pathological) with the Cluster-B Personality Disorders scores (again, both pathological and non-pathological). My hypothesis is that there will be a positive tendency for both groups..
So my question is, which type of statistics should I be using? I was thinking of ANOVA but I am not sure about it. Thank you!


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Seemingly you have 2 categorical variables (gambing pathological/non-pathological
and cluster B present/absent). This could be analyzed using Chi² test of association.

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If the Cluster-B Personality Disorders scores is used as a numeric variable, rather than "arbitrarily" categorized to pathological and non-pathological based on a cut value, would it be more efficient?