Null and Alternative Hypothesis question

Hey guys I am really stuck on this one question and have no way to go about it. I would really appreciate any help I could get. Question 4 A sociologist believes that women sleep longer per night on the weekend than men. Sixty one people were surveyed. The following summary statistics were determined from the sample.


a) State the null and alternative hypothesis in symbols and in words.
b) Calculate the expected results for the hypothesis test sampling distribution, assuming the null hypothesis is true. (i.e., name and graph of sampling distribution, mean and standard error)
c) Identify the standard distribution that best approximates the sampling distribution.
d) Formulate the decision rule(use can use either critical test scores or p-values)
e) Determine the statistical sample results , the test statistic and p-value.
f) Determine the conclusion in terms of the null and alternative hypotheses. Do the sample results indicate that the sociologist’s claim is supported at a = 5%?


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Read your syllabus on difference in means test for continuos variables independent sample.
Question are ussually only answered if you show effort .. copy pasting the question is not considered showing effort. This is not said to be inpolite simple but simply advice on what you might do to better your chances of getting a reply.