Official TS chat room?


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well, familiarity is definitely important but heck, if there's a better option out there that's readily available i might as well go and try it... i luv to upgradee!

i'll try and read through the report, but i guess you already gave me the heads-up that IE is not gonna come on top... lol


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I believe this time the results were: 1) Firefox 2) Chrome 3) Opera 4) IE 5) Safari

I prefer Chrome for various reasons but I like firefox.


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I remember last year (or earlier this year; I forgot) Chrome was actually banned from a hacking competition. The competition tests how fast you can hack a certain aspect of each internet browser and the previous year, it was so hard to hack chrome that no one was able to do it.
Hi guys, please test drive the new chat box on the homepage. It is only accessible to contributors and members who have made a certain number of posts. Let me know if there's any issues.


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Just wondering a few things quark -
1) Currently what is the number of posts required for a user to be able to use the chat feature?
2) If a poster doesn't have the required number of posts can they still view the chat or is it invisible to them?
Thanks for the positive comments here and in the chatroom. We'll see if this is a useful addition to the forum. The number of post required to participate is currently set at 120, and may be changed later. The chatroom is invisible to visitors and members with less than 120 posts. I think the forum probably works better for Q&A with its threaded structure, so for now it's only available to forum locals.

I mentioned an alternative system for latex in the chatroom. In addition to the math tag inside square brackets, we can also use the tex tag. \( is processed locally and store the graphics on the server, while the tex tag is hosted at google and is supposedly fast and stable.\)


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It's still there for me. Did you minimize it? In your navigation bar thing by the tabs at the top do you have a "Chatbox Full" option next to "Quick Links" like in the picture below?



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I figured out what was going on. The chatbox is displayed on the toolbar when you're on the "forum" screen, but not when on the "search results" screen (along with several of the other links, I now notice). I'll just have to keep that in mind.