Ordinal logit regression with ordinal dependent and independent variables

My question is very straightforward. I have different ordinal independent variables (with 4 or 3 categories), and I am trying to regress those on different ordinal and nominal variables. I want help on how I could interpret the coefficients and the odd ratios, even though on the picture I attach some of the coefficients are not significant. I am mainly looking for the interpretation.

On the picture, the independent variable has 4 categories; gender has 2 categories; age has 13 categories; education has 9 categories; politics has 2 categories
statecol has 3 categories; famincome has 6 categories

I want to ask as well if it is correct to write the "i." before some variables, and if not, when it is appropriate to use the "i." and if having so many categories for independent variables actually makes sense. Is it really possible to give some interpretation to the coefficients or why would it fail to give some interpretation to the coefficients?

I attach my Stata output.

Thank you