Paired or independant t-test


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Hi Everyone, I was really hoping someone could give me some advice as I'm pretty confused at this point. I have an assignment due in on Sunday where I had to set up a data experiment that basically went like this.:

Participant takes and IQ test, listens to music type A, then takes another IQ test and the difference is calculated in IQ score.
The SAME participant then repeats the above process, but listens to music type B to calulate a second IQ score.
(This then gets repeated with all the other subjects in this study)

So I end up with an IQ difference score for music A, and an IQ score for music B per person.
What I wanted to do, is statistically show using a t-test whether there an influence on the type of music on IQ test scores.

What I did was take the IQ difference score for music A and music B and ran a paired t-test.
I ran a paired t-test since the data is paired right? I mean each participant is doing 2 different tests. (If I had one person taking music A and a different person taking music B it'd be an independant t-test I think?)

What I'd like to know is have I run the correct test, or do I have it wrong and I should have run an independant one? I asked my teacher but the response I got has left me really confused. I'm not sure I haven't explained what I was doing properly and there's been a misunderstanding or if I'm wrong. Any help very much appreciated! (Kind of freaking out at the moment as this is worth a large part of my mark and I'm worried I've got the whole assignment wrong.)Thanks!
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Clearly, the data were paired (observed on the same subject), so the paired version of the t-test was the correct version.