[Parametric/Non-Parametric Correlation] - Which should be used?

I have a data set consisting of waist size (cm) and weight (kg) of a group of people. I am looking to see if the two variables are related, and I assume a correlation test is the method I should be using (I apologise - I'm very new to SPSS and stat analysis in general).

I understand that the Pearson correlation test is used for parametric data, and the other two for non-parametric data - however, I don't understand how to test for this.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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There is no such thing as parametric or nonparametric data.
Analyses exist which require certain assumptions to be fulfilled
(parametric tests), while others do not require such assumptions

The main differences between Pearson's r and Spearman's rho
are how variables are treated with respect to their scale
(Prearson: interval; Spearman: ranked data/ordinal data).
and which relationships are analysed (Pearson: linear,
Spearman: monotonous).

(I apologise - I'm very new to SPSS and stat analysis in general
In that case you should read at least a little bit first.
Andy Field's SPSS book is highly recommended for

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