Plot Characterization

Hi all,

I am plotting voltage errors (Y) vs positions (X)
X values are always sequential and ordered ascending

I am concerned primarily with the linearity of the plot.

The data is saved after viewing the plot. The plot gives a lot of information visually to me. My goal is to preserve as much of that info as possible when the program looks at the stored data later.

Some of the info I think would be necessary to help the program "see" the visual characteristics are:
<> min/max error values with their corresponding position values
<> Correlation Coefficient (r) or Coefficient of Determination (r^2)
<> Standard Deviation

Maybe some form of pattern recognition for the response.. (sine, parabola, etc.)

Is it even possible to convey the same amount of visual information from X and Y arrays?
Is there a better approach that I'm not seeing?

Any info appreciated.. thank you for taking the time to look at this.