Plotting decision tree (from own algorithm) - best way to visualize tree?

Hi Talk Stats,

I've created my own decision tree algorithm, this results in a total of n-paths which is stored in a list (hence the list has n-elements). Each path is a vector of size m_i, where i =1,2,3, ..., n. Yes you guessed it right, since it's a decision tree every path starts at the same node. This means that the first element of each path is the same:D

Now that I've done the fun part of creating the algorithm etc. I've come to the point to visualize it in a proper way, but can't seem to find a start. Many tree visualizing packages rely on tree building packages, which in my case I do not use.

I would like it to be as dynamic as possible, because the algorithm (hopefully) is going to be used quite a few times. Ordering each tree by hand is too much work:)

Hopefully someone has experience with this or could give me a direction where to look/learn/find the answer.